W I Events

Programme 2020

January 8th

Autumn Slides

Speaker:               Stan Wild

Competition:      Homemade bookmark

Hosts:                   Kristina and Lynn

February 12th

Animal Rescue

Speaker:              Tina Gomersall

Competition:      Vegetable Animal

Hosts:                   Gwen and Sheila D

March 11th

Armchair Travel

Speaker:                Adrian Williams

Competition:        Favourite book

Hosts:                     Debbie and Francis

April 8th

Homemade Chocolates

Speaker                 Kath Horne

Competition:         3 Homemade Sweets

Hosts:                     Thelma and Nicky

May 13th

Zine Making (Book)

Speaker:                  Katy Alston

Competition:          Homemade Necklace

Hosts:                       Phil and Ida

June 10th

Kerry from Thighs The Limit

Competition:           Flowers in a JAM jar

Hosts:                        Katie and Carolyn

July 8th

Floral Art  (TBA)



September 9th

All About Violins

Speaker:                     Linda Fowler

Competition:             Favourite Song

Hosts:                          Chris Smith and Sheila P

Oct 14th

Wildlife Photography

Speaker:                      Andy Fusek-Peters

Competition:              Sketch of any animal

Hosts:                        Joy and Lynn

November 11th


Competition –              Earliest memories


December 9th


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