Annual Chairperson’s Report 2022


We continue to meet on Tuesdays of alternate months for regular meetings, and at various times in between as and when required for planning application considerations.

.Newcastle School. Ruth Gittins Has not had an easy time running the school during the COVID pandemic. She meticulously followed the rules and guidelines, and is now working extremely hard to ensure that the pupils are where they should be in the curriculum.


The state of the roads has been a constant concern. However, I recently attended a presentation by the portfolio holder, and the head of Highways, and was able to get over the message that local knowledge is valuable – and that they should listen to us. There seems to be extra funding, at the moment, and we are already seeing some improvement. 


Precept this year was well within inflation requirements  

The accounts can be made available to anyone who is interested and are externally audited annually.


All this year’s planning applications were approved by this council.

Members of the public are sometimes present when planning applications are discussed, and their views are welcomed.

Parish Hall

The Parish Hall Committee runs the Parish Hall on behalf of the Parish Council, which acts as trustee. Yet again I should like to thank, on behalf of us all, this excellent committee of dedicated people who work hard to maintain and improve the Hall, car park, and garden.  This year has seen , amongst other things, new doors in the hall. However, the main event has been a complete refurbishment of the kitchen. This was funded by a combination of two wind farm grants from Pavo, and some money raised pre COVID in various events. The committee is extremely enthusiastic, and the Parish is generous in supporting all events. 

Amblecote Cottages

Are now occupied, having been sold individually by the purchaser – without any further work having been done on them.  This, of course, is what we wanted to happen originally. They were sold to a purchaser for considerably les that had been offered but the original bidders and were sold on immediately. The only profit having been made by the ‘developer’, who, in fact did not develop anything!


Meetings have resumed after a spell of meeting by Zoom. It has been a difficult time for everyone, but it is hoped that normalit will truly return sometime soon.


As always my thanks and gratitude  go to councilors and all others whose work and dedication to this parish help to make it so special.

As always thanks also go to all those who are prepared to serve the community in any way, attending meetings of all the committees that work to keep this parish going, turning out in all weathers for meetings and supporting events. Come rain, wind or snow, the residents of Bettws and beyond remain undeterred in their support of events. This year’s Platinum Jubilee was celebrated by the church, in a magnificent, and by the parish council in a joint celebration with Newcastle. This took the form of a hog roast and presentation of commemorative mugs to the children of both parishes.

I am, of course, ever grateful to those volunteers who give me support and encouragement, on this council, on other committees, and in the community generally. 

As always,§ these thanks, from all of us, are extended to our Clerk, who makes council work so much easier than if we were struggling alone.

As I have said many times before, Bettws is good at getting things done. We are a small community, but a there is plenty going on. Its people give generously in all ways, to make this such a special parish.

Valerie Whately

June 2022

Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.

If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.

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