Parish Hall Committee and News


Chairman:  Robert Adams.

Vice Chairman:  Valerie Whately.

Treasurer: Dick Smith.

Secretary: Delphine Whately.


Parish Council – Valerie Whately and Muriel Botwood.

Parochial Church Council – Nancy Adams and Valerie Whately.

Women’s Institute –  Sheila Davies and Nicola Russon.

Linus Sewing Group – Debbie Paget.

Co-opted members – Jude Powell, Gill Binks, Jenny Winter,Jane Christie, and Julia Gough.


The committee has worked particularly hard over the past year, and the result is a high quality refurbished kitchen. This has been possible because of Garreg Wind Farm grants, and successful fund raising events.

The folding doors have been beautifully remade, and the car park level and recoated in tarmac.

For further news of coming events please go the the Newsflashes and Coming Events page here

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