Churchyard, Graves, Monuments and Pews

On this page are links to documents which can be downloaded

For a list of all those buried outside St Mary’s Church click on this link:

GRAVEYARD INDEX  and for a map of graves click on this link GRAVEYARD MAP

List of monumental inscriptions outside the church – monumental-inscriptions-in-the-graveyard

List of  monumental inscriptions in the church –  MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS INSIDE THE CHURCH

List of Pews – PEWS IN ST

More info to be added soon………

4 Responses to Churchyard, Graves, Monuments and Pews

  1. Terry Greenwood says:

    Hi my mum Celia Greenwood is listed in grave 110 sadly my father William has joined her and his name should now be on the stone

  2. Sara says:

    RE grave 108 – Gertrude and Charles – the family name is Stephens rather than Stevens

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