Minutes of meetings


(After the A G M )

Robert Adams in the Chair


Margaret Adams, Steve Christie, Sheila Davies, Brian Roberts, Valerie Whately, Alan Wilson.

Apologies: Jane Christie, Mike Steedman.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Matters Arising

Tea Spoons. Margaret Adams said the disappearing tea spoons were sent out with the tea cups for Coffee Mornings and were not returned. She had seen some in the cutlery drawer of a recent host and an appeal to their civic pride had resulted in returns.


The incumbents were re-elected en-bloc, unanimously:

Chairman            Robert Adams

Treasurer            Brian Roberts

Secretary            Alan Wilson

In addition Valerie Whately was elected to the vacant post of Vice-chairman.

The Chairman thanked everybody for their efforts in the past year.

Whist Drive

Sheila Davies said she would be running it for this one year. There would be a raffle on the night, prizes would be welcome.


Val Whately said the parish would be getting a defibrillator. Two training courses were planned. It was agreed these should be in the Hall.

Also there is now a Bettws web site, could the minutes of Hall Committee meetings be published? This was agreed.

Also where the South Shropshire District Council had been a source of grants, these would now be administered by the Local Joint Council.

Margaret Adams said the car park surface was badly cracked in the corner nearest the notice boards. It was agreed to ask Steve Richards to advise on the best course.

An indignant letter from Nancy Adams following her vigil in the hall on election day was discussed at length.

There were five main complaints: lack of toilet paper, lack of hand towels, lack of tea towels, an annoying creak from the floorboards as electors entered and made a comment about it and a badly overladen cutlery drawer.

Sheila Davies explained that spare toilet rolls were locked in the cupboard under the new sink. This was to stop them disappearing. The towels were in a drawer and due to the early start she had neglected to get them out. She had written to Nancy apologising.

The creak could not be located. It was decided it must be seasonal and investigation deferred until next summer.

It was agreed the cutlery drawer needed  reorganising .and Nancy’s fruitless search for teaspoons must have been aggravating.

Next meeting when the car park problems were costed.

HALL AGM 1 / NOV./.2010

There were seven present

Last years minutes were read and agreed.


The Hundred Club run by Brenda Cross, Coffee Mornings run by Fenella Monk and the Whist Drive run by Thelma Davies have continued successfully. Half the proceeds come to the Hall.

The oil nearly ran out last January with Howells unable to come. Thanks to Steve Richards enough oil was put in the tank to keep the frost stat satisfied. In spite of this there was one small burst above the hall. If the hall is used through the winter there is no way round this oil consumption.

Grants were obtained from the Community Council of Shropshire for some new lightweight tables and a new sink unit in the kitchen. The tables have been purchased and the sink installed.

The Bettws Book continues to sell in ones and twos; there are still plenty of copies.


In summary:

Receipts            £2745

Outgoings            £2695

In the bank            £5999

After discussion the two reports were accepted.


The meeting approved the new committee:

For the Parish Council                  Roger Hughes      Valerie Whately

For the W.I.                                Margaret Adams  Sheila Davies

For the P.C.C.                             Brian Roberts    +      To be nominated

Elected                                       Jane Christie  Steve Christie   Martin Britnell

Elected                                       Mike Steedman  Robert Adams  Alan Wilson

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