Many thanks to David and Jude for hosting the October Coffee Morning in the Parish Hall, where no fewer than three Draws for the 100 Club took place. The results were: for October 1st Michael Webster, 2nd Sheila Palmer, 3rd Susie and Rebecca Gough; for November 1st Steve Reynolds, 2nd Mike Steadman, 3rd Philippa Gough; for December 1st Megan Williams, 2nd Alex Steadman, 3rd Lyn Reynolds. Many thanks to Jude for organising the Coffee Mornings throughout the year and to Peter for running the 100 Club and increasing the numbers

The Carol Service will take place in the Church at 7.00pm on Sunday 22nd December, followed by an open invitation to Punch and Mince Pies at the Old Vicarage, a cherished Bettws tradition that brings the whole parish together and for which we are indebted to Anne Beesley, Our warmest thanks, Anne, as warm as the Punch mixed to Jock’s timeless recipe.

On the morning of Christmas Day itself we are extending an equally warm invitation to our friends from Newcastle to join us for the Service at 9.30 a.m.

This will be the first January for decades when John and Thelma will not be hosting the Coffee Morning. We express our deep gratitude for everything that they have done for the Bettws over the years and we are so glad their retirement to Newcastle keeps them close enough for us to see them often. We are most grateful to Jenny and Dave at Tack Barn for taking on the January Coffee Morning on Saturday 18th, 10.30 – 12 pm. Jenny lays on some lovely treats to go with the Coffee and we do hope everyone turns out in force, first at Tack Barn in the morning and then at the Parish Hall in the evening for the

Bettws-y-Crwyn Hot Pot Supper and Quiz

7.30 pm

Teams of 4 or Family Group

£7.50 per person / Children £3 (including hot supper)

Entry is by booking only


01588 640233

Special thanks from our Churchwarden to all who volunteered (or were successfully press-ganged!) to look after the Churchyard. John and Thelma are a hard act to follow – but the volunteers rose to the occasion magnificently.

A number joined in for more than one month and put in a lot of hard work. I shall soon be making a rota for next year. We need gangs for April, May, June, July, August, September and October. We already have some established groups who have worked together well and are prepared to take on a month next year but all the months are not yet covered. We really do need a few more teams. Perhaps there are area teams who would be prepared to take on a month? If there is a volunteer group for every month, the work will be much easier because the grass will not have so long to grow! Please talk to your neighbours and see if any are prepared to join in. Ideally each team needs to have 5 or 6 people.

If any of you are prepared to help – either as a team or as individuals who are willing to join a team, please let me know: Valerie Whately  Tel: 01547 510681  email:

A date for your diary: MIDSUMMER WEEKEND – Mediaeval Fair at St Mary’s, Bettws-y-Crwyn.

Games Evening

On March 2nd there was a Games Evening at The Anchor Inn. This was an event sponsored by the Pathways Organisation, and was attended by a number of visitors from Turkey, Romania, Poland and Italy. Games old (Bagatelle, shove halfpenny etc) and not so old ( pool, sorry!, shut – the – box,) were played with great gusto!There will be table games, darts, draughts, chess and many others. Small prizes were awarded, and  £40 was contributed to the Air Ambulance Organisation  by the particiants.

Many thanks to all who were there.

Music Hall 2012

Last year’s successful music Hall Evening at Bettws y Crwyn Parish Hall prompted a clamour for another similar event. (well, at least three people thought we should do it again)

We therefore bring it to your attention that there will be another Music Hall at Bettws on Saturday March 3rd 2012.

The Cast  – brought to you at ENORMOUS expense will contain many of last year’s stars, and the event will be presided over by the polysyllabic gentleman with the  gavel – Mr Roger Tydeman.

We should love to see more performers, so those wishing to contribute to the event by taking part please contact Valerie Whately – 01547 510681

 Click here to look at photographs of last year’s event


Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at the Community Centre, Newcastle at 7.30pm .There is usually a plant stall, a raffle and always refreshments.New members and visitors always welcome,  membership is £15 per year. Visitors £3.00 per meeting.


Lucie Pickard 640737, Gill Binks 640216

Stan Wild 640241 Carol Gurney 640163, Angela Busfield 640822

(For enquiries about the programme please phone Carol or Angela)

Black Mountain Chapel

Please note that there is a new page on this website. Some of you may have noticed the work that has been done to the chapel. For updates click on the new page or click here

The New History Project 

The launch of the Landscape and Local History Project took place on 24th Nov at the Bettws Parish Hall. The guest speaker Andy Wigley, Countryside Advisor in Shropshire Council’s Historic Environment Team gave an illustrated introduction to ‘The history of Bettws y Crwyn and its buildings’

A new page has been created under the history page. you can reach it by clicking here or on the Bettws History Group page on the sidebar

WI Calendar 2012

The  WI calendar for 2012 is now available. Click here or on WI Events on the sidebar

Calling all Goughs, Gwilts and Marstons

Especially in Bettws and Mainstone

Please look at the blog on the History page, where an Australian family is looking for ancestors who lived here in the 18th and 19th centuries


(Automated External Defibrillator)

bettws now has two  defibrillators. One is sited at the Anchor, the other at Bettws Parish Hall. We  also soon hope to have a peripatetic one to cover the area near the Church.

We are still anxious to train more people – especially in the area nera the church and near the Beguildy/Felindre side of the parish. Please contact Valerie Whately or Eddie Jones if you are prepared to undergo training.

Click here to see a demonstration of the defibrillator

AED Training Events

If you were unable to make earlier sessions, but would like to be included for future training- please contact Eddie Jones . Eddie’s email address is:, and his is 01588 640856

Parish Magazine Notes

Even the ferocity of the ice and snow could not close down the coffee morning at Maes-y-Garn, whch was a great success, strongly supported as it always is. Perhaps this is the moment to thank John and Thelma Davies for everything they do for the church, John keeping the churchyard in immaculate order and Thelma acting in many ways as a second churchwarden, though, with characteristic modesty, she eschews the title.

The 100 Club winners were: 1st Bridget Thrivalis, 2nd Mary Cousins, 3rd David Wilkinson, 4th Gwyneth Richards.

There is no Coffee Morning in March but we will all have a chance to meet for the Lenten Lunch on the 9th

 Saturday 9th  March 12noon – 2.00p.m.

Bettws-y-Crwyn Parish Hall

Soup and Puddings,

and tea, coffee or squash

Come and enjoy an un-frugal Lenten Lunch     

   Minimum Donation £2.50 for


 Hopefully, a FAIR TRADE stall.

All ages welcome.


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